Searching for Glass (303)

L.G. Wright Epergne Mold Put Back in Production by Fenton

An epergne mold originally used by L. G. Wright in the 1940s-50s is being put back into production by Fenton Glass.


All of these so-called art glass rolling pins showing up everywhere are new. Most are about 16 long with various body colors of clear, cobalt blue, red, green and other colors. Thick threads of one or more contrasting colors are swirled through the body. The handles are solid glass, the pin is hollow.

New Tumblers in Royal Lace Pattern

Royal Lace has joined the list of depression-era glassware patterns that have been reproduced. The 3 ″ five ounce tumbler has now been made in blue. Hazel Atlas.

Colored Glass Finger Lamp

This new finger lamp was once made by Fenton for a Tennessee lamp parts company. It has a 1 solid brass collar, a transparent light blue body and an applied clear glass handle. The body is 3 5/8 diameter; 3 1/2 to top of collar. Unlike the majority of reproduction oil lamps, the collar on this piece is plastered to the body. Collars on most foreign made oil lamp repros are simply glued.

Dugan "Mary Ann" Vase Reproduced from Original Mold

A vase originally made by the Dugan-Diamond Glass Company, ca. 1915-1920s, has been put back in production with the original molds.

New Cranberry Glass Rolling Pin

This blown cranberry example (Fig. 1) is the latest reproduction glass rolling pin to hit the market. It is 14 long, about 2 diameter. Just released in July 2000, examples have already been showing up in on-line auctions. It is made by Pilgrim Glass Company in the United States; wholesale price, $45.

Art Glass Shades - Original or Copy?

By the last quarter of the nineteenth century, most American cities were completing the conversion from gas and oil lighting to lighting powered by electricity. Rather than have a fairly large central oil lamp around which the family gathered, smaller electrical lights could now be placed throughout the house.

Recent Opaque Glass Covered Dishes

Covered glass dishes are a popular collectible. Pieces can be collected by subject (animals, flowers, etc) or by glass type (milk glass, cobalt blue, etc). Because they have such a wide appeal, antique covered glass dishes are frequently reproduced.

New Murano Glass with Encased Figurines

Among the many sought after forms of vintage Venetian glass are pieces that feature three dimensional glass figures entirely encased in glass. Most of the encased shapes are small fish. The fish are found alone, grouped with other figures and grouped with other fish in underwater scenes. Fish alone or with another figures have no special name. Underwater scenes are generally referred to as aquarium pieces or aquarium blocks.

Additional New Styles of New Galle Cameo Glass Including Mold-blown Pieces

Reproduction cameo glass includes many new shapes as well as imitations of mold blown pieces (also called blow outs). Like much other new cameo introduced over the years past, these pieces also have a raised glass signature of ″Galle″. But these pieces are made in Romania and originally carry another raised signature of ″Tip″. Cameo reproductions from China and Taiwan.