Searching for Fashion (4)

Cheap new hatpins

There is another wave of cheap new hatpins now being offered in mail order catalogs and import trade shows. Three of the various styles available are shown above. Retail prices range from $8-$10.

Hatpins from Knife Handles

For years, faked hatpins have been pieced together from a wide variety of odds and ends. Buttons, broken costume jewelry, charms, and virtually anything else that could be welded, soldered or glued seemed to end up on a hatpin shank. The latest faked hatpins are being made up from sterling silver spoon and knife handles.

More new purses

New purses made with glass beads have been reproduced since 1997. Most new pieces are manufactured by hand India. Many styles of new purses are made. The one shown here is done in black glass beads. The other, not shown, is made of white silk.

Beaded Purses Copied

New glass beaded purses are being made in India and are now offered by several mail order catalogs for $95-115. If original, such pieces sell for $200-300 and some even higher. There are several ways to detect the reproductions. --- Virtually all original pre-1940 beaded purses have die stamped metal frames. The new purses have cast metal frames. Die stamping almost always leaves the same design on the reverse side of the frame as on the front. Cast frames have a design on the front only and nearly always have a rough surface and at least some grinding marks.