Searching for Glass (303)

Fake Ruby Stained "Souvenir" Glass Mugs

Small ruby stained glass mugs with souvenir-style messages from important glass companies are in the market. The mugs are 2″ tall with a simple arch pattern around the base. One version of the mug reads, "Northwood Glass Co. Tour 1914." A similar mug dated 1902 advertises the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company (Greentown). Both mugs originally came from the Chicago, Illinois area.

Lutteds Cough Drop

One of the more interesting pieces of antique pressed glass is a figural log cabin jar for Lutteds Cough Drops. The pattern is known today as Log Cabin but was originally called Pattern 78. It was made by Central Glass Company of Wheeling, West Virginia which introduced the pattern in 1875.

New Art Glass Signed to Order

A seller using the internet auction site offered to sign reproduction art glass with the buyers choice of marks. Winning bidders were offered their choice of Tiffany, Steuben Quezal and others. The seller also regularly offered reproduction art glass with imitation marks already applied. Steuben, Aurene, floriform, JIP, Favrile, pontil, vase.

Confusing Marks on New Vaseline Glass ABC Plate

The 6 inch ABC vaseline glass plates shown here has two molded marks in the center. One mark is a bee (insect) with the letter H on the left wing, the letter I on the body and the letter G on the right wing. This mark was used by Higbee Glass, in operation ca. 1900-1920.

Peanut Pattern Hand Lamp

This Peanut pattern kerosene lamp has been reproduced for a large American lamp parts supply firm. The pattern was originally made during the mid-1890s through the early years of the 20th century. The new lamps are made in clear as well as cobalt and amber.

Occupational Czech Glass Figurines

New 4 to 6 glass figurines from the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) have been made since the early 1990s. Those pieces were fairly simple and the majority were generic figures of clowns, sailors and musicians.

New Eepergnes Offered in England

This new version of an English epergne is making the rounds of Internet auction sites and London markets. Four glass trumpets one vertical surrounded by three diagonal are held in a silver plated open work metal frame. Overall height is 12. So far the piece has appeared with two different colors of glass trumpets, cranberry and blue.

New Red Flashed Souvenir Toothpick Holders with Early Dates

A Midwestern glass wholesaler has just released a series of four souvenir pressed glass toothpick holders. All four pieces bear early dates ranging from 1904 (St. Louis Exposition) to 1939 (New York Worlds Fair).

New kitchen storage jars

A new set of Depression-era styled glass storage jars has just been made. The overall shape is similar to original storage jars commonly referred to as left overs or refrigerator jars.

Christmas Kugels

Kugel is the name of heavy glass Christmas ornaments that were made in Germany from as early as 1840 to the early 1900s. Although the word kugel means round ball in German, original kugels were also made in the shape of grapes, apples, pears, pine cones, berries, tear drops and balls with melon-style ribs.