New Eepergnes Offered in EnglandBy

New Epergnes Offered in England

This new version of an English epergne made the rounds of Internet auction sites and London markets. Four glass trumpets–one vertical surrounded by three diagonal–are held in a silver plated open work metal frame. Overall height is 12″. The piece appeared with two different colors of glass trumpets, cranberry and blue.

These pieces were offered in London markets and shops at retail prices equivalent to $350-$450. Prices for Internet sales were in the $150-$300 range.

Although described by most sellers as "Victorian," originals of this style did not appear until the turn of the century and were made until the early 1920s. Cranberry glass trumpets on similar reproductions of epergnes from England have had clear glass bodies with the cranberry, or other colors, only flashed on. The best place to examine the glass is from the bottom of the trumpet.

Although epergnes are now viewed as valuable antiques, they were originally part of the everyday dining table. They had to withstand frequent washing to remove the debris left by wet flowers. If the trumpets on the style of epergne shown here are plastered or glued in, be suspicious. All original trumpets are removable for cleaning.


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