Glass Advertising Rolling PinBy

Glass Advertising Rolling Pin

Here's something completely different - a reproduction glass advertising rolling pin. It's clear pressed glass with a metal screw-on lid; overall length 13½″. There are other colors available including cobalt blue. ACRN paid $10 for the new samples. No old original is known.

What is particularly strange is that the advertising "Bodecker & Sons Flour Mill" appears in molded raised letters on the outside of the rolling pin. In other words, you could never make flat, rolled dough: the raised letters would continually tear up the dough.

Like many reproductions, the new rolling pin is totally illogical. It could never perform the function for which it was supposedly flatten dough.

The only known advertising on original glass rolling pins is printed or etched leaving a flat surface.



The advertising is in raised letters on the outside of the rolling pin.