New Red Flashed Souvenir Toothpick Holders with Early DatesBy

New Red Flashed Souvenir Toothpick Holders with Early Dates

A Midwestern glass wholesaler released a series of four "souvenir" pressed glass toothpick holders in the mid 1990s. All four pieces bear early dates ranging from 1904 (St. Louis Exposition) to 1939 (New York Worlds Fair).

The mugs are clear crystal, 2 1/4″ tall. There is a horizontal band of flashing (or staining) around the center. Unlike old red flashing, which is a deep red, the new flashing is less vivid and much paler being a pinkish red.

The souvenir motto is applied with white ink. Most old red flashed souvenir pieces have mottoes engraved or etched through the flashing to expose the clear glass beneath. On old pieces with painted mottoes, the paint is generally raised enough to feel with your fingertips. The white lettering on these new mugs is nearly perfectly flat and only faintly detected with your fingertips.

Wholesale price new, was around $5.


Fig. 1 New mug-shaped worlds fair toothpick holders.


Fig. 2 White "souvenir" lettering over pinkish red flashing