Searching for Glass (303)

New Red Flashed Souvenir Toothpick Holders with Early Dates

A Midwestern glass wholesaler has just released a series of four souvenir pressed glass toothpick holders. All four pieces bear early dates ranging from 1904 (St. Louis Exposition) to 1939 (New York Worlds Fair).

Art Deco Lamps and Lighting

Lamps and lighting in the Art Deco style have been popular for many years. Streamlined designs of nudes, animals and geometric motifs are pleasing in themselves as well as blending in well with most interior decorating. This article will cover several groups of reproduction art Deco lamps and lighting beginning to show up in larger numbers in malls, shows and auctions.

Cut glass perfumes with colored overlays

What does $20 buy at the reproduction wholesaler? You could buy this set of four cut perfumes made in India with colored overlays. Bottles including stopper average about 5 tall. The bottles are made by pressing, not blowing. Overlays are thinly flashed in various colors on the outside. All stoppers are clear crystal cut with facets. Necks of bottles and bottoms of stoppers are very crudely ground with frosted, rough surfaces. All the stoppers in our sample group had lots of wiggle. The hand ground vintage stoppers and bottles fit together so closely they form an airtight seal.

Hocking Glass - Miss America Pattern

Original Miss America was made by Hocking Glass Company, ca. 1935-1938. Authentic colors include crystal, green, ice blue, jadeite and ruby red.

Milk Glass Rabbits

These solid milk glass rabbits were offered by Rosso Wholesale Glass Co. Figure on the left is 5″ high and about 5″ front to back. It is made by Mosser Glass. It has been made in various other colors since the 1970s including jadite. The origin of the mold is not known. Glass animals, depression era..

New Eepergnes Offered in England

This new version of an English epergne is making the rounds of Internet auction sites and London markets. Four glass trumpets one vertical surrounded by three diagonal are held in a silver plated open work metal frame. Overall height is 12. So far the piece has appeared with two different colors of glass trumpets, cranberry and blue.

Nippon Mark Forged Vintage Decoration Copied

Another shot has just been fired in the growing assault on Nippon ceramics. A new wreath mark has just come into use which has the closest resemblance yet to an authentic wreath mark. Although its applied as a decal, this latest new mark has a loose hand-painted appearance. The wreath is also egg-shaped. An original wreath mark, also applied as a decal, has quite sharp lines that appear machine printed. This is especially true in the word NIPPON; the old having crisp sharp lines, the new having irregular lines.

New Deco-style Saturn Lamps in Frosted Glass

A national mail-order catalog is now selling a new version of an Art Deco classic, the figural glass Saturn lamp. This design was originally introduced at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1933. Both originals and the reproductions are made of matte finish glass with air brushed designs of crescents and stars on the top half of the planet. Original hardware, such as the finial, and base-to-shade connector, is virtually always nickle plated brass. These parts on new lamps are shiny brass. New lamps are only offered with blue designs on pink glass and blue designs on clear glass. Retail price of new lamps once went for around, $79. Height of both new and old about 11.

Frosted Czech glass or Lalique?

On January 28, 2001, a buyer in Chicago paid $1200 for a set of four bowls and plates (Fig. 1) marked R. Lalique, France (Fig. 2) Unfortunately, the frosted glass bowls and plates were made in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia), not France and the Lalique marks were forgeries.

Peanut Pattern Hand Lamp

This Peanut pattern kerosene lamp has been reproduced for a large American lamp parts supply firm. The pattern was originally made during the mid-1890s through the early years of the 20th century. The new lamps are made in clear as well as cobalt and amber.