Pitcher Versions of Westmoreland SteinsBy

Pitcher Versions of Westmoreland Steins

The so-called "Lovers Stein" also called "Wedding Stein," and the similar "Elf" stein have been reproduced from the original Westmoreland Glass mold for a number of years. New pieces from the same mold have been made with tooled spouts and sold as pitchers. No original pitchers in these patterns have ever been found.

Original steins were made around 1900 for use as packing jars. The stein-shapes originally had a glass cone-shaped lid, now rarely found. New pieces do not include a lid. Other original colors included opaque blue and opaque white (milk glass). This latest pitcher version is produced in opaque green glass resembling Jadite.

New pieces were sold by Rosso Glass which owns a number of original Westmoreland molds. Some, but not all of the new pieces are marked with an R in a keystone.

Very similar patterns also appeared on old glass steins made by Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co. (Greentown) and McKee. The Greentown versions are the most valuable, worth $300-$400. Original Westmoreland steins sell for $40-$60. Buyers frequently mistake both old and new Westmoreland version for the higher-priced Greentown pieces.


Fig. 1 New glass pitcher made from original Westmoreland mold. About 4 7/8″ tall. This piece in Jadite.


Fig. 2 Close-up view of new spout crimped in top rim of stein shape. No pitchers were ever made in the original production.

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