New Kitchen Jadite Glass with DecalsBy

New Kitchen Jadite Glass with Decals

Jadite, pale green opaque glass, has been widely reproduced since mid-1999. Other new Jadite kitchen shapes appeared with vintage-styled decals and lettering. Among the pieces available were butter dishes, shakers, mortars, sugars, creamers, cup and flower pot.

Some new pieces –sugar, creamer, cup and butter dishes– were made in molds originally used to make Imperial's Candlewick pattern. Any of those piece are automatically new because original Candlewick was never made in Jadite.

Shapes of the vast majority of vintage Jadite shakers are either flat sided or ringed cylinders (Figs. 10-11). The new shakers are octagonal with eight sides. Most original Jadite shakers are the large range size, typically holding 6-8 ounces. The new shakers are considerably smaller holding only 3 ounces.

So far the only style of lettering appearing on the new Jadite has been Old English. With rare exceptions, Old English style lettering was almost never used to label vintage Jadite kitchen glass. The two colored decals shown here–the strawberries and chicken–were not used on vintage pieces.

A very limited number of some original Jadite by Jeanette Glass did have a strawberry decoration but original strawberries were painted, not applied as decals. The new strawberry decal can be identified by the very obvious dot pattern in the flowers and berries.

No original glass mortars are known in Jadite, with or without lettering.

Prices for new Jadite with lettering or decals were: mortars, $7-$8; butter dishes, $18; creamer, sugar and tray, $23; cup and saucer, $16; flower pot, $10.50.


Fig. 1 New Jadite shakers, 4¼″ high. Multicolored decal of strawberries. All the new shakers shown have eight sides.


Fig. 2 New Jadite shakers, 4¼″ high. Multicolored decal of hen with chicks in field.


Fig. 3 Close up of new strawberry decal. Note the obvious dot pattern in the flower. No signs of normal wear.


Fig. 4 Close up of hen with chicks decal. No sign of normal wear. Design and colored areas defined by very sharp edges.


Fig. 5 New Jadite shakers, 4¼″ high. Black lettering, "Salt" and "Pepper." Old English style of lettering.


Fig. 6 Swirls in surface of new shakers. This is a surface irregularity, not a change in the color of the glass. The light colored areas are reflections on the uneven surface. These swirls of irregular surface areas are virtually never found on vintage Jadite shakers.


Fig. 7


Fig. 8

Example of new lettering Fig. 7; old lettering Fig. 8. Note sharp straight edges on new letter. Old lettering tends to be irregular and uneven. Old lettering almost always shows some wear. New lettering is crisp and bold with no wear.


Fig. 9 New glass mortar, "Spices" in black Old English lettering. Available in 1 oz. and 2 oz. sizes.


Fig. 10 Original McKee Glass Jadite shakers with lettering, ca. 1930s.


Fig. 11 Original Jeanette Glass Jadite shakers with lettering, ca. late 1930s.

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