Searching for Collectibles (401)

Magicians Featured on New Posters

At least two very realistic reproduction posters featuring vaudeville magicians are in the market. Each is 24″ × 36″ in size, full color on very heavy paper. Antique and vintage posters.

Reproductions in motion

Motion lamps are a type of novelty lighting with moving, or animated, scenes. The motion is created by a cylinder in the center of the lamp which turns powered by air rising above the warm electric bulb.

Uncle Remus Syrup

This new can has an old appearing full color paper label with Uncle Remus Brand Syrup--Dis sho am good. The back side is a typcial ingredients list until you take a close look; it is dated 1995.

World War I Ashtray

A World War I style tank is mounted on this new brass ashtray. The tank and tray are two separate pieces of cast brass held together by two screws under the tank. Front to back, 5; 2 tall. Price $19.50 from mail order catalog.

New Pond Sailboats Closer to Originals

Pond sailboats, also called pond yachts, have been exploding in price since the mid-1990s. In autumn of 2001, an example brought $4,050 at auction, believed to be a world record. Vintage pond sailboat hulls, keel, rudders, masts, yards, arms, spars, rigging and hatch covers.

New Phonographs in Floor Models

Reproduction wind up phonographs with morning glory horns are now available in floor models. The first series of these outside horn reproductions were made as table top models (see ACRN Dec 200). Both styles of new machines are made in India and Pakistan.

1914 Patriotic Flag Photo Copied

Recent events have produced a number of reproductions expressing patriotic themes. This 16 by 26 black and white print is a good example. The original image is a photograph documenting a 95- by 50-foot American flag produced by Amoskeag Mills of Manchester, New Hampshire in 1914.

New Zeppelin Cocktail Shaker

Its hard to decide when a trend starts. When the first Roseville Pottery reproduction vase appeared, it couldnt be foreseen that within six months over 100 new Roseville shapes would be in the market. Art Deco era cocktail shaker - the Zeppelin.

New Figural Tea Caddies

Copies of figural wooden tea caddies are now available. Three shapes are offered: a pear (shown here), a plum and a papaya. Original figural fruit tea caddies date to the 18th and early 19th centuries. Originals were mostly made of fruitwood and now sell for $1,500-$3,000 and up. The new pieces are fairly crude painted tropical wood made in Indonesia. The keyhole is purely decorative, there is no locking mechanism inside.

Another Variation of Classic Art Deco Shaker

The list of reproductions of expensive Art Deco cocktail shakers continues to grow. Another figural penguin shaker needs to be added to the list. This version is a copy of a copy.