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Brass match holder

This reproduction brass match holder is available in the market. It is solid brass with a dark antique finish, 11″ tall, 3½″ wide.

A box of safety matches fits into a holder in the middle. At the top is a figural bearded classical head; a classical female head is at the bottom.

We couldn't find an exact original but the new piece is similar to turn of century antique pieces. The dark antique finish is very convincing. Retailed for around $30.

The best way to identify the new piece is to carefully examine the casting quality, especially the pierced areas. Finning is very evident throughout the new piece. Finning is a thin spray of metal that escapes through gaps between poorly fitting mold halves.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2 Finning completely closes (left arrow) what should be an open area. The open area without finning is shown at right.