Searching for Collectibles (401)

Sleepy Eye Stein

Stoneware and pottery premiums of the Sleepy Eye Millling Company, which feature the Indian chief Old Sleepy Eye, are much sought after. Among the most difficult original items to find is a 7 stein.

Early Fisher-Price pull toys reissued

Two of the earliest and most highly sought after Fisher-Price wooden pull toys are being reproduced. They are the #795 Mickey Mouse Drummer originally issued in 1937 and the #185 Donald Duck Xylophone originally issued in 1938. Both original toys in good condition sell for $400-$600; in excellent and better conditions, prices go higher. The reproductions retail for $50-$55 each.

New Lunch Boxes Arrive

Copies of 1950s classic metal lunch box are being reproduced. The new boxes are copies of some of the most desirable and expensive originals. The three boxes shown here, though, don't seem to pose a serious problem.

Vintage Look Halloween Lanterns

The lanterns show here are made of brightly colored cardboard. Eyes, mouths and other details are die-cut with tissue paper backing. A battery powered light shines through the die-cuts.

New Hubley racer fools experienced buyers

Reproductions of a classic 1930's Hubley cast iron race car have been fooling buyers across the nation. This model features 12 exhaust flames that move up and down in the hood as the wheels turn.

New robot push toy in painted wood

This 6 robot push toy has just appeared in the market. The base and segmented body are painted wood. Body parts are connected with elastic cords. Pressing a plunger on the bottom of the base causes the cords to loosen and the body tilt in the direction the plunger is pushed. The red and white paint on this example fluoresced brightly under long wave black light. To ACRNs knowledge, no old examples like this were ever made.

Paper Mache from Old Molds

A German firm has begun using original pre-1940 molds to reproduce paper mache candy containers and novelty figures. Reproductions have handpainted details and some amount of hand finishing. The new containers and figures are retail priced $30 - $75; comparable originals can sell for $150 - $500.

Repros of 50s Classics Sold by MOMA

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is currently selling reproductions of a wide variety of classic 1950 products by many famous mid-century designers. Items range from Ray and Charles Eames side chairs to Isamu Noguchi coffee tables.

New Halloween Paper Mache

There's a lot of new Halloween material offered in the online auction sites right now. Many pieces described as paper mache containers are not true paper mache at all. The majority of the piece are simply painted factory-made cardboard boxes or factory-made boxes with bits of crepe paper glued on.

Head Vases Reproduced

New head vases are available around the country. The 6″ high example shown below was purchased in an antique mall for $22. The seller had 20 pieces of the example shown. A similar new head vase was also purchased in a gift shop for $20.