From Russia with ReproductionsBy

From Russia with Reproductions

Capitalism must be taking hold in Russia. Workshops in the Motherland are busy making reproductions of Tsarist royalty and Communist propaganda posters. It's nice to see how old political beliefs are set aside when there's a ruble to be made.

If you're a collector, however, expanding capitalism through increased export of reproductions may not be such great news.

Among the Russian reproductions are this new hunter case pocket watch and 1950s propaganda poster. The new watches have hand painted portraits on the case. The example shown here has a bezel-set painting of Tsar Nicholas II. Watch faces are off-white in color with 18 karat gold plated hands. Hand wound mechanical 18 jewel movement.

These items and other Russian odds and ends are increasingly common on Internet auctions and at flea markets.


Fig. 1 Cases are a silver tone finish of an unknown metal. New import price $150. Other portraits may be on other watches.


Fig. 2 The new poster is a 1990s copy of a 1950s Cold War original, 23x15″.