Searching for Collectibles (401)

Brass Instrument Update

Additional names continue to be found on new brass scientific instruments currently being imported from India. The example shown here is marked "G. Wright, Wm. Thomson (Baron Kelvin) Clark & Kelvin & J. White, London. Levels, compasses, sextants, and telescopes.

New Spanish American War Advertising Tray

The year 1998 marks the centennial of the Spanish American War. Next to Teddy Roosevelt, the wars leading hero was Admiral George Dewey who commanded the United States Naval fleet. Under Dewey, the American fleet attacked and sunk the majority of the Spanish fleet at the Battle of Manila Bay in the Philippines on May 1, 1898. Dewey became an instant hero and his image appeared on everything from whiskey flasks to demitasse spoons and was used to advertise just about every type of product from phonographs to chocolate segars on the reproduction tray shown above.

Figural Napkin Rings

Silversmith James Mackie has added items to his line of reproduction Victorian silver-plated figural napkin rings. Mackies products are the highest quality reproduction figural napkin rings in the market. The detail is very fine, wheels roll smoothly on the carts and the finish is true silver plate. All of the 20 different pieces made are recreations of specific originals. Although the new rings are sold as modern collectibles, many find their way into the antiques market by way of unethical or simply misinformed secondary sellers.

Questionable Bathing Beauties

Their looks aren't in question but their age is. All of a sudden the same 3 figure (shown at right) is showing up in multiple Internet auctions. The straps and shoes are blue, no detail in fingers and hands, too much red in the cheeks.

Trade Sign Weather Vane

Original trade sign weather vanes advertised the work or occupation conducted in the building where they were mounted. Typical subjects were cigars for tobacco shops, an anvil for blacksmiths, a fish for seafood markets and so on. A hand saw vane is now being reproduced similar to an original made by 19th century factories like J.W. Fiske

Forged Tiffany marks on clock faces

A new technique is being used to apply fraudulent markings to clock faces. The forger is using black rubon lettering. Such lettering comes in sheets sold at art supply stores. Individual letters are transferred to an object off the carrier sheet by pressing or rubbing.

Classic Tin Motorcycle Molds Back in Production

Original dies used to make a classic tin lithographed toy are back in production. The 6 motorcycle shown above was originally made Tipp Company Tippco of Nuremberg, Germany, ca. 195060s. All originals are marked with the company monogram of the letter T intertwined with C and O see Fig. 4 below.

New Frankart Bookends

These new bookends are virtually exact duplicates of the 1930s originals. The new are cast aluminum; most, but not all, originals are pot metal. New paint is shiny and very thin.

Felix the Cat Toy

This new 4 1/2" Felix the Cat toy first appeared late last summer. The painted jointed wood body is held together by elastic cord and moves when a disc under the base is pressed. This toy has quickly drifted into the antique and collectibles market. At a large recent Midwest show, there were 5 of the new toys priced from $75 to $145 scattered among the over 150 booths. Price new, $18.