Another Variation of Classic Art Deco ShakerBy

Another Variation of Classic Art Deco Shaker

The list of reproductions of expensive Art Deco cocktail shakers continues to grow. Another figural penguin shaker needs to be added to the list. This version is a copy of a copy. The new shaker shown below is a copy of a ca. 1936 knock-off which copied the original penguin cocktail shaker issued by the Napier company.

The original 1930s knockoff penguin was chrome plated; this reproduction is silver plated and can be detected with any silver test. Also look for knurling on the new rims around the neck and mid-section (see arrows on photo). The rims in the original knockoff are smooth.

A 1930s knockoff is worth about $175-$250. The new copy is selling for $125 retail. Original 1930s Napier penguins sell for around $1,000. Original Napier penguins have a hinged beak that hides the pouring spout. In both knockoffs–old and new–the beak is stationary with a screw-on cap at the tip of the beak.


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