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Figural Napkin Rings

Silversmith James Mackie occasionally adds items to his line of reproduction Victorian silver-plated figural napkin rings. Mackie's products are the highest quality reproduction figural napkin rings in the market. The detail is very fine, wheels roll smoothly on the carts and the finish is true silver-plate. The pieces he has made are recreations of specific originals. Although the newer rings are sold as modern collectibles, many find their way into the antiques market by way of unethical or simply misinformed secondary sellers.

Mackie's figural rings are marked with one of two distinctive hallmarks shown below. Unfortunately, the marks are very small. The hallmark in Fig. 1 is only about one-eighth inch in height and easily overlooked if the finish is tarnished or if the mark is placed in a hard to see location.

While not exactly inexpensive, the reproductions are still only a fraction of what comparable originals would cost. Pieces sold for $100-$260. Least expensive are the single figures, the most costly are the rings mounted on carts with wheels. Original rings mounted on wheeled carts have brought $500-$1000 and up.

Mackie has been making the new rings since 1992.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2

Two hallmarks of James Mackie which appear on his newer silver-plated figural napkin rings. The mark in Fig. 1 is less than one-eighth inch. Mark in Fig. 2 about one-quarter inch.


Fig. 3 Horse pulling napkin ring on two wheels.


Fig. 4 Cherub on napkin ring with butterfly.



Fig. 5 Napkin ring and bird on branch.


Fig. 6 Squirrel sitting on leaf.


Fig. 7 A brochure of new napkin rings by James Mackie issued in November 1998.

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