Classic Tin Motorcycle Molds Back in ProductionBy

Classic Tin Motorcycle Molds Back in Production

Original dies used to make a classic tin lithographed toy returned to production. The 6¼" motorcycle shown below was originally made by Tipp & Company (Tippco) of Nuremberg, Germany, ca. 1950-60s. All originals are marked with the company monogram of the letter "T" intertwined with "C" and "O" (Fig. 3).

The Tippco dies for this particular piece were acquired by the German firm of Tucher & Walther. The mark of Tucher & Walther, a "T" and "W", (Fig. 2) can now be found on this motorcycle. Any toy with this mark cannot be older than 1979 which is the year Tucher & Walther began making tin toys.


Fig. 1 This new motorcycle is being made with the same dies originally used in the 1950s.


Fig. 2 Mark of Tucher & Walther used from 1979 on.


Fig.3 Original mark of Tipp & Co on period toys.