Trade Sign Weather VaneBy

Trade Sign Weather Vane

Original trade sign weather vanes advertised the work or occupation conducted in the building where they were mounted. Typical subjects were cigars for tobacco shops, an anvil for blacksmiths, a fish for seafood markets and so on. A hand saw vane is now being reproduced similar to an original made by 19th century factories like J.W. Fiske

The new saw is made of copper and comes on a steel spire. It includes brass directional and brass globe (see Fig. 3 for part names). Cost new was $170. Original trade sign weather vanes generally sell for several thousand dollars and up depending on subject and size.


Fig. 1 New saw weather vane; 27" long. Made of copper.


Fig. 2 Original hand saw trade sign weather vane as shown in 1893 J. W. Fiske catalog. Width 36"; price in 1893, $35


Fig. 3 Names for the parts of a typical weather vane