Searching for Porcelain & Pottery (138)

Another Style Back on Royal Doulton Babes in the Wood Plaques

Here is another style of back found on authentic Royal Doulton Babes in the Wood plaques. This style 1 does not have to be mounted in a separate frame. It can hang from the fired-in ceramic hanging loops. The backs of this style are glazed.

Dating - Hall China Marks

The marks shown here are the primary company marks used by Hall China, 1915 to present primarily on collectible dinnerware, teapots and accessories. Marks from 1903-1915 are not included because those marks are mainly on earthenware's, not Halls later craze-proof pottery.

Kewpie Hatpin Holders Copied

Copies of bisque Kewpie hatpin holders have been appearing in California. New pieces are made in a Jasperware style with either a blue or green background with designs in raised white moldings. An original hatpin holder is shown at left.

Van Briggle Pottery Fakes

Van Briggle pottery has now joined Roseville as a target of widespread fakes and reproductions. Reports and examples of forgeries have been seen and purchased across the United States from Florida to California. The new pieces seem to be the most numerous in Ohio and Indiana. Artus and Anna Van Briggle

Cheap knock-off of Minton

Looking down in the vase, the lower third is not glazed.

New RS Germany

A series of new pottery vases has been found with copies of RS Germany marks. The original Reinhold Schlegelmilch, or RS mark, was used on good quality porcelain manufactured in Germany from 1912 to 1945. The new marks are being found on poor quality pottery vases which are not true porcelain.

Majolica Reproductions

Until recent years, there were really very few high quality majolica reproductions on the market. The majolica reproductions that were of reasonably good quality were usually sold through museums and generally well marked to avoid any confusion with old originals. But by the mid-1990s more reproduction manufacturers are making majolica, the quality has improved and there are more new pieces which are direct copies of old originals.

Fake Royal Dux Vase

This new 16 vase first showed up at reproduction wholesalers with a Roseville U.S.A. mark on the base. Now the same vase is being offered with a Royal Dux mark. The mark is a raised pink triangle with Royal Dux, Bohemia and an acorn like figure with the letter E. The vase is off white with gold highlights on the woman and flowers. It sold for $25 wholesale.

Roseville Landscape Pitchers Copied

Copies of Roseville Pottery Landscape water pitchers have shown up in Michigan and Indiana. The new pieces have very unusual blue clouds in the center band. Blue clouds were never used in originals. New pieces also commonly have firing lines on the inside of the pitcher, usually around the handle or in the bottom. New piece are being priced as old at about $100-$145 each.

Confusing New Reamers in China and Pottery

There are a number of new ceramic reamers on the market that could easily confuse uneducated collectors and dealers. The new Hall China and new Red Wing Pottery reamers could prove especially troublesome if they have been slightly altered by unethical sellers.