Fake Royal Dux VaseBy

Fake Royal Dux Vase

This new 16" vase first showed up at reproduction wholesalers with a Roseville U.S.A. mark on the base. Now the same vase is being offered with a Royal Dux mark. The mark is a raised pink triangle with "Royal Dux, Bohemia" and an acorn like figure with the letter E. The vase is off white with gold highlights on the woman and flowers. It sold for $25 wholesale.

The name Royal Dux is the common name for Dux Porzellanmanufaktur or Dux Porcelain Manufactory founded in 1860 in Duchov, Bohemia. The firm is still in the porcelain business in what is now the Czech Republic.

This new ship's clock is being made in India. However, it is marked "Smith-London." The obvious implication is that it was made in London, England by the firm of Smith.

Current authentic marks have the letter D in the acorn, not E.



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