Dating - Hall China MarksBy

Dating - Hall China Marks

The marks shown below are the primary company marks used by Hall China, 1915 to present, primarily on collectible dinnerware, teapots and accessories. Marks from 1903-1915 are not included because those marks are mainly on earthenware's, not Hall's later craze-proof pottery.

Please keep in mind that these are the general marks. There are many variations which could include pattern names, line names, private labels, copyright and trademark symbols and other additions or deletions.

The marks shown here are black line drawings. Actual marks can be blurred, smudged and can appear in many colors including gold. Although most Hall China was marked, there are always some exceptions.


ca. 1915-1930
"Made in U.S.A." may or may not be present.


ca. 1930-1970
Backstamp, "Made in U.S.A." may be present outside and below the circle.


introduced 1932
Usually appears as gold backstamp but also in various colors; active through the late 1960s.


ca. 1936 to mid-1970s
Backstamp exclusively for dinnerware. Slight variations used for large institutional firms such as Jewel Tea and others.


since 1969
The most widley used backstamp for current production.

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