New RS GermanyBy

New RS Germany

A series of new pottery vases has been found with copies of RS Germany marks. The original Reinhold Schlegelmilch, or RS mark, was used on good quality porcelain manufactured in Germany from 1912 to 1945. The new marks are being found on poor quality pottery vases which are not true porcelain.

The new example shown here is an 8-inch vase with a decoration more similar to Nippon than original RS Germany. The entire surface is crazed. True porcelain never crazes. The new mark, Fig. 2, is similar to the original mark, but not an identical copy. This new mark is all red and applied as a transfer.

The same dealer selling this new 8-inch vase also offered the same shape and pattern in a 12-inch size.


Fig. 1 New 8-inch vase with a new RS Germany mark. The same vase is also made in a 12-inch size.


Fig. 2 New red RS Germany mark found on the new vases.


Fig. 3 Original RS Germany mark may appear all red or all green.