Searching for Glass (303)

Remember the Alamo?

Reproduction cobalt blue glasses with white enamel decoration: 3 3/4 high juice glass, left; 4 high tumbler, right.

Cheap Mary Gregory Style Reproductions

How cheap is cheap? How about $6 each for these enamel decorated blown glass goblets offered by a large reproduction importer.

Iris beaded berry bowl

New Iris (Iris and Herringbone) is being found in the southeastern states. Reproductions of the beaded edge 4 berry bowl (shown here) and the 6 tumblers are confirmed in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Confusing Marks on New Vaseline Glass ABC Plate

The 6 inch ABC vaseline glass plates shown here has two molded marks in the center. One mark is a bee (insect) with the letter H on the left wing, the letter I on the body and the letter G on the right wing. This mark was used by Higbee Glass, in operation ca. 1900-1920.

Cobalt glass inkwells

New cobalt glass inkwells. Left: about 3 square, silver tone screw-on cap, molded vertical columns. Right, about 1 square, brass screw-on cap, perfectly flat sides with no pattern.

Fake Ruby Stained "Souvenir" Glass Mugs

Small ruby stained glass mugs with souvenir-style messages from important glass companies are in the market. The mugs are 2″ tall with a simple arch pattern around the base. One version of the mug reads, "Northwood Glass Co. Tour 1914." A similar mug dated 1902 advertises the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company (Greentown). Both mugs originally came from the Chicago, Illinois area.

Large Cambridge Buddha reproduced

The large glass Buddha figure originally made by the Cambridge Glass Company in the 1920s is now being reproduced. One of the reproduction pieces was shown during an information session at the National Cambridge Collectors Association annual auction. The new piece shown was transparent greenish yellow in color. Another Buddha reproduction has been confirmed in transparent blue.

Cut glass perfumes with colored overlays

What does $20 buy at the reproduction wholesaler? You could buy this set of four cut perfumes made in India with colored overlays. Bottles including stopper average about 5 tall. The bottles are made by pressing, not blowing. Overlays are thinly flashed in various colors on the outside. All stoppers are clear crystal cut with facets. Necks of bottles and bottoms of stoppers are very crudely ground with frosted, rough surfaces. All the stoppers in our sample group had lots of wiggle. The hand ground vintage stoppers and bottles fit together so closely they form an airtight seal.

More New Fenton Glass Castor Inserts

Last month (April 2001, ACRN) we published a photo of a new opalescent swirl pickle castor insert just out by Fenton Glass. That insert had a clear glass body. We have since learned Fenton is now making opalescent inserts in other colors and patterns. They include opalescent swirl in four body colors: clear, cranberry, vaseline and green. Opalescent dot opticoriginally called Windows during the Victorian erais made in cranberry and yellow (vaseline).

Hocking Glass - Miss America Pattern

Original Miss America was made by Hocking Glass Company, ca. 1935-1938. Authentic colors include crystal, green, ice blue, jadeite and ruby red.