Cut glass perfumes with colored overlaysBy

Cut glass perfumes with colored overlays

What could $20 have bought at the reproduction wholesaler? You could have bought this set of four cut perfumes made in India with colored overlays. Bottles including stopper average about 5″ tall. The bottles are made by pressing, not blowing. Overlays are thinly flashed in various colors on the outside. All stoppers are clear crystal cut with facets. Necks of bottles and bottoms of stoppers are very crudely ground with frosted, rough surfaces. All the stoppers in our sample group had lots of wiggle. Hand ground vintage stoppers and bottles fit together so closely they form an airtight seal.


Fig. 1 In addition to clear crystal, new perfumes are available in at least three colors of overlay: amber, cranberry, and blue.


Fig. 2 New bottles and stoppers are about 5 inches to top of stopper.


Fig. 3 Close up detail of cutting in new perfumes. Note the poor shape of hobstar at large arrow; mistake in cutting rays at small arrow.

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