Confusing Marks on New Vaseline Glass ABC PlateBy

Confusing Marks on New Vaseline Glass ABC Plate

The 6″ ABC vaseline glass plate shown in Fig. 1 has two molded marks in the center. One mark is a bee (insect) with the letter H on the left wing, the letter I on the body and the letter G on the right wing. This mark was used by Higbee Glass, in operation ca. 1900-1920.

The other mark, an outline of the state of Ohio with the letter M, is the present day mark used by Mosser Glass Company of Ohio. Mosser Glass bought the original Higbee ABC plate mold and added the Mosser trademark next to the original Higbee bee mark. Mosser marks are shown in Fig. 4. Original Higbee mark and two common look-alike marks are shown in Fig. 3.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2

Figs. 1-2 The six inch vaseline glass ABC plate above has both marks shown in Fig. 2, a bee and an M in an outline of Ohio.

Bee marks old and new


Fig. 3 Original Higbee mark, left. On the right, two look-alike marks used by LG Wright.

Current marks of Mosser Glass


Fig. 4 Molded marks of Mosser Glass. M in circle, M alone, M inside outline of the state of Ohio.

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