Additional New Styles of New Galle Cameo Glass Including Mold-blown PiecesBy

Additional Styles of New Galle Cameo Glass Including Mold Blown Pieces

Reproduction cameo glass includes many new shapes as well as imitations of mold blown pieces (also called blow outs). Like much other new cameo introduced over the years past, these pieces also have a raised glass signature of ″Galle″. But these pieces are made in Romania and originally carry another raised signature of ″Tip″ (Fig. 3). Tip marks are generally ground off before the piece is offered for sale leaving only the Galle signature. In many cases black light will detect where the Tip mark has been removed.

Original mold blown cameo glass commands a premium price because it required more work and skill to make than ordinary cameo glass. Designs on ordinary production cameo were simply etched through multiple layers of glass. The depth of the decoration was limited by the thickness of the layers of overlapping glass. Designs on mold blown cameo have greater depth because the design projects out away from the surface before the etching process even begins. The extended design is created by blowing the glass blank in a mold with specially carved recessed areas in the shape of the pattern. Until recently, this technique had not been successfully duplicated in modern reproductions.

The reproductions do have considerable depth to their patterns so that isn't a reliable test of age. New pieces are however much thicker than originals. This is especially obvious when looking at the top rim. Rims on new also tend to be sheared off flat; originals are almost always rounded over in a curve or fire polished.

The Galle/TIP pieces are among the best quality of the cameo glass reproductions and are far superior to cameo reproductions from China and Taiwan. They feature multiple acid cuttings and many resemble original shapes.


Fig. 1 Reproduction mold blown cameo vase; apple pattern, 13″ high. Signed Galle and Tip in raised lettering. Wholesale price was $782.


Fig. 2 Original Galle mold blown vase in plum pattern.


Fig. 3 Legal claims to the word "Galle" are being disputed in European courts. To protect themselves from possible lawsuits, Romanian glass workers are adding "Tip" to pieces that are also marked "Galle." In the Romanian language, Tip means "type" or "similar". A piece so marked legally means "Galle type" or "in the manner of Galle". Many styles of the word Tip are used; three of them are shown above.

"Pssst....mister. Want to buy some cameo glass?
Step into my showroom."


Fig. 4 The entrepreneur selling the new cameo in this article markets his wares with photos like this one. Where else but America can someone make a buck with nothing more than an alley, a cheap camera and a dream of selling fakes of $10,000 lamps? Is this a great country or what?


Fig. 5 Regular cameo
Depth of decoration limited to thickness of overlapping layers of colored glass


Fig. 6 Mold blown cameo (blown out)
Depth of decoration increased because blown pattern extends beyond surrounding surface.

Figs. 5-6 Cross section views of typical cameo and mold blown cameo. Special molds carved with patterns extended designs further away from the surface then did simply etching the design.


Fig. 7 New flat sided rectangular shaped vase. Mold blown, 11″ high by 5″ square, wholesale price was $635. Only a slight projection of floral pattern.


Fig. 8 New 9″ vase with floral pattern, wholesale price was $485. Note applied ribs of clear glass. No original Galle or other vintage French cameo glass have these applied glass ribs.


Fig. 9 New 9″ night light with landscape scene; wholesale price was $505. This shape is copied from an original lamp made by Daum, not Galle (see Blount #242).

Figs. 7-9 All pieces are new and originally marked Galle and Tip.

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