Searching for Glass (303)

Pressed Cake Stand Reissued

L.E. Smith has reissued a hobnail clear glass cake stand. This 10-inch diameter piece was first made by Smith from a new mold in the early 1970s.

New reissues from Gillinder Glass

The name Gillinder has been associated with American glass since 1861 when William Gillinder started a glass factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. William and his descendants designed and made some of the most popular pressed glass patterns of the Victorian era and early 20th century. These include: Westward Ho (Pioneer), Classic, Liberty Bell (Centennial Pattern), Holly Leaves and Stippled Star.

More New Czech Perfumes

Ornela Co. Ltd of the Czech Republic has released three new perfumes under their Desna brand name. The new perfumes are made from original ca. 1919-1939 molds. Ornela owns over 50 original molds first used by the famous Czech firms of Henry G. Schlevogt and Heinrich Hoffmann.

Burmese cruets

If the choice were yours, which would you prefer: a $1000 original or cheap reproduction from the 1980s Obviously, wed all hope for the original.

Modern Spanish glass often confused with Moser

Modern enamel decorated glass from Spain is increasingly being confused with products made by the companies founded by Ludwig Moser and operating ca. 1857 to 1938. Modern Spanish examples have even been mistakenly attributed to Moser in two reference books on pre-1938 Moser glass (Figs. 4,5).

Jadite Oyster Plates, Candlesticks & Tableware

Two unusual shapes in new jadite have recently been released. One is a 9-inch oyster plate (Fig. 1). The plate is extremely heavy weighing just slightly over two pounds. No old counterpart to this piece in jadite is known. Tall candlesticks are also being made in an eight-sided panel design, 7 inches tall. A pair of the new sticks are shown in (Fig. 2).

Two-color Princess Feather Glass Lamp

Reproduction Princess Feather pattern glass lamps a being sold with a colored font on a clear colorless base. Th example shown has a medium blue font. Other colored fonts may also be available. Our new sample cost $8.25 wholesale Various colored fonts were available on vintage Princess Feather lamps. New fonts and bases are glued together. The glue can l detected with long wave black light. Original bases and fonts were fused together while the glass was hot, not glued.

More Fire-King Released

Anchor Hocking has brought back clear glass Fire-King measuring cups. Three sizes of new cups are being made: 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. Each cup has the Fire-King logo, Anchor Hockings name and graduated markings in bright red. Retail price $15 for the three-piece set.

Copies of Early German Glass

Reproductions of 14-17th century German glass are now being sold over a web site. Magic Art Replik Glas, in Passau, Germany offered historical copies at relatively modest prices ranging on average from $20 to $500 American dollars (prices vary with exchange rates).

Vaseline Salt Dip from L. G. Wright Mold

A 1960s cherry salt dip mold from the former L.G. Wright company is back in production. Rosso Wholesale Glass. B. Machine and Mold, Imperial, Wilkerson, Mosser, Summit, Dugan.