Copies of Early German GlassBy

Copies of Early German Glass

Reproductions of 14th-17th century German glass were sold over a German web site.

Magic Art Replik Glas, in Passau, Germany offered historical copies at relatively modest prices ranging on average from $20 to $500 American dollars (prices vary with exchange rates).

The reproduction Daumen Glass shown below is about eight inches tall and sold for about $55 USD. Daumen Glass is a style of 17th century German drinking vessel. The applied glass rings are for gripping the vessel with the thumb and fingers.

Magic Art also sold perfume bottles, glass jewelry and die cut cards. The site language was German but size and price were easy to understand. They sold look-alikes of vintage designs of the 1940-50s.

A recent search found the site no longer sells glass and the domain name was for sale.