Searching for Glass (303)

New Rolling Pins by Fenton from Original McKee Molds

New glass rolling pins identical in shape to those produced by McKee Glass during the Depression era, are being made in the original McKee mold by Fenton Art Glass.

New glass stoppers

The present day company of Villeroy Boch has introduced a series of crystal wine stoppers. Stoppers are a decorative way to cap a bottle of wine at the table after the cork is removed. The horse head shown here is about 3 long. Other stoppers, mostly in geometric shapes, are 3-4 long. All the new stoppers are under $10 each. New stoppers fit a number of vintage decanters, cruets and perfumes.

Whats a lamp break

(it doesn't mean broken)

Acid Marks: How They Are Forged

Most acid etched forgeries have traditionally been made with rubber stamps. Steps in making a new rubber stamp to apply the forged marks are simple and inexpensive. The new rubber stamps with forged marks made for this article cost an average of about $8-10 each.

Venetian Glass Clowns Copied

New Venetian Glass Clowns are arriving that can be confused with vintage 1940-60s Venetian clowns. These new clowns are also made in Murano but have hollow bodies. Most all vintage Venetian clowns have solid glass bodies. (Poorly made Mexican clowns also have solid bodies but are very crude and have an aqua tint to the clear glass overlay). The sample clowns ACRN bought had red and gold "Made in Murano" stickers and a company sticker shown above printed in black on clear plastic. ACRN paid $18-25 for new 4-6" clowns.

New Galle Cameo Glass

In the early 1990s, new cameo glass marked Galle began to be made in Taiwan. Some Galle signatures on the Taiwan reproductions are very similar to signatures found on vintage pieces; other new marks are fairly obviously fakes. Typical signatures found on the Taiwan cameo is shown on the next page

American Flag Bread Platter

The original American Flag bread platter is thought to have been designed for America's Centennial Exhibition of 1876. It is made in clear pressed glass and measures 11 × 8". There are seven rows of stars and six solid stripes which represent the 13 original colonies. The cluster of 38 stars in the upper right represents the 38 states belonging to the Union at the time the platter was made in 1876.

Inverted Fan and Feather Shakers

When one sees the new shaker, left, and the old shaker, right, it's hard to understand how anyone could confuse the two. But original Inverted Fan & Feather (IFF) pattern shakers are seen so seldom, many collectors and dealers simply have never had the opportunity to examine them.

Cameo Glass from the Early 1990s

Most reproduction cameo glass produced in the early 1990s was made by sandblasting. The vast majority of vintage cameo glass made during the late 19th century through the early 1930s was made by acid etching.

Copies of Rare Czech Perfume Stoppers Continues

Reproductions of highly sought after original Deco Czech perfume stoppers have been filtering into the market since 1997. In late 1998, a second generation of improved quality stoppers and additional designs began to appear.