American Flag Bread PlatterBy

American Flag Bread Platter

The original American Flag bread platter is thought to have been designed for America's Centennial Exhibition of 1876. It is made in clear pressed glass and measures 11 × 8". There are seven rows of stars and six rows of solid stripes which represent the 13 original colonies. The cluster of 38 stars in the upper left represents the 38 states belonging to the Union at the time the platter was made in 1876.

Reproductions of this tray begin appearing in the mid-1970s as America began preparing for the Bi-Centennial in 1976. The new trays were made and sold in clear and red and possibly in amber.

To catch the fakes, just count the rows of stars and look at the color. If there are more than 13 rows of stars and stripes, it's a fake. If the glass is colored, it's automatically a fake since all originals are clear.

Otherwise, old and new platters have the same size, same border and are about the same weight.

For further reading see: Lindsay, B. American Historical Glass, Tuttle, 1967.

Marsh, T. American Story Recorded in Glass, published by the author, 1962.


Fig. 1 New reproduction of American flag bread trays have eight rows of stars and seven rows of stripes for a total of 15 rows of stars and stripes.


Fig. 2 The original American flag bread tray has seven rows of stars and six rows of stripes for a total of 13 rows of stars and stripes.

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