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New Galle Cameo Glass

In the early 1990s, new cameo glass marked Galle began to be made in Taiwan. Some Galle signatures on the Taiwan reproductions are very similar to signatures found on vintage pieces; other new marks are fairly obvious fakes. Typical signatures found on the Taiwan cameo are shown below (Fig. 3).

Marks alone are not a reliable test of age. The best test is to study the overall quality of the piece. All the Taiwan cameo from the 1990s has a ground top rim (Figs. 7-9). This results in a flat, frosted appearing rim surface. Original cameo, especially Galle, almost always has a polished top rim which was rounded. The bottoms of new and old also differ. Bottoms of the new cameo pieces do not have a ground pontil.

Another good way to catch the new cameo is to hold a piece up to the light. The Taiwan cameo has obvious streaks and blotches (Fig. 4). Sometimes the streaks can be seen looking down through the mouth. Although original body glass varied from company to company, Galle cameo has a nearly perfect body glass uniform in color and density without accidental streaks, lines, folds or bubbles.

All the new pieces shown in Figs. 5-6 are marked with the new mark shown in Fig. 2.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2

Figs. 1-2 A 10-inch cameo vase marked Galle. Made in Taiwan during the 1990s. It is marked with the new raised glass signature shown in Fig. 2.


Fig. 3 A selection of original Galle signatures. There are so many variations of original Galle signatures, it is very difficult to separate original signatures from the modern copies.


Fig. 4 The new Taiwan cameo body glass has obvious streaks. Streaking is easiest to see when a piece is held to the light.


Fig. 5


Fig. 6

Figs. 5-6 All the new pieces in Figs. 5-6 above all carry the signature shown in Fig. 2. New pieces range in size from 5" to 18".


Fig. 7 This is a typical top rim from a new Galle signed piece of cameo. Note the flat, ground off top. This top is shown in cross section in Fig. 8.


Fig. 8 This is a cross section of a new ground flat top rim.


Fig. 9 Cross section of an original piece of Galle cameo with a polished, rounded top rim.

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