Searching for Glass (303)

Adam Butter Dish

Reproductions of the Adam pattern butter dish first appeared 1981. The pieces were made in Korea and sold in the United States by antique reproduction wholesalers. Colors offered were pink and green. There are several features to check to determine age.

Railroad Gondola Car

The original railroad gondola car, Fig. 2, is an open dish made of pressed glass. Originals were available in clear, blue and amber. Bess Lindsey lists it as Figure 4139 in her book AmericanHistorical Glass. The fake in clear glass, Fig. 1, appears to be identical when viewed in profile but differs under close examination.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl (MOP) is so named because of its lustered or "pearlized" surface. It is generally made of three layers of glass: 1a clear outer layer; 2a middle colored layer; and 3an inner casing, usually white. MOP was made by blowing or placing a gather of glass into a mold to give the gather a raised pattern. This was then dipped into or rolled over the clear glass. The clear layer runs across the top of the raised pattern, trapping air in the gaps below. These trapped pockets of air reflect and spread light back through the outer surface to give MOP its glowing pearl-like luster. Some variations of MOP also used heat sensitive glass for special effects. The MOP process was patented in America and England by different companies but the technique was used widely throughout the glass industry in the USA and abroad.

Coolidge Drape Shade in Jadite

An American lamp parts wholesaler is selling a Jadite version of a Coolidge Drape molded chimney. The new shade is made to fit 2 and 3 burners with a 3-inch fitter. The shade is 9 inches tall and 6 inches diameter. New shades wholesale for $6.25. Although original Coolidge lamps and shade are most commonly seen in clear crystal, authentic Jadite-colored bases and shades were also made.

Another New Glass Cigar Jar

A variety of reproduction glass jars including tobacco and cigar jars were featured in the October 2003 issue of ACRN. Shortly after that issue went to press we found another new glass cigar jar shown here.

Greentown Dolphin Originals and Copies

The figural covered dolphin is one of the most famous and widely recognized of Greentowns original designs. It is also one of the most frequently reproduced.

Confusing Worlds Fair Glass Hatchets

Pressed glass hatchets with George Washingtons portrait are widely represented as souvenirs of the 1893 Worlds Fair. Although there are old counterparts, the great majority of these pieces in the market today are reproductions.

Pressed Cake Stand Reissued

L.E. Smith has reissued a hobnail clear glass cake stand. This 10-inch diameter piece was first made by Smith from a new mold in the early 1970s.

Forged Marks of Schneider Glass Co

Schneider Glass was a French glass firm founded by brothers Ernest and Charles Schneider. The business made decorative glass from 1917, the year it was founded, until 1932 when it went bankrupt. After World War II, Schneider descendants of the original founders made clear crystal under the Schneider name until 1981.