Adam Butter DishBy

Adam Butter Dish

Reproductions of the Adam pattern butter dish first appeared 1981. The pieces were made in Korea and sold in the United States by antique reproduction wholesalers. Colors offered were pink and green. There are several features to check to determine age.

Base: Turn the base over and look at it from above. There are four 'V' shaped figures around the pattern. On old bases (Fig. 2), these figures point to the sides of the base. On new bases, the figures point to the corners of the base (Fig. 1). You can also think of the arrows as points on a compass. In old bases the arrows line up at North, South, East and West. In new bases the arrows point to Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest.

Lid: There are two features to look at when examining lids (Fig. 3). On old lids, the veins in the large leaves touch each other or join a central vein. On new lids, the veins in the large leaves do not join the center vein or touch each other. Another way of identifying new lids is to turn the lid over and look at the spot directly under the knob handle.

In addition to the specific features listed above, new pieces generally show poor detail, have flaws and will vary in color more than old pieces. Most new pieces also have a slick or greasy feel.

Be sure to look at both lid and base when examining a butter dish. A new top or bottom might be 'married' to an original to complete a match.


Original Adam pattern butter dish


Fig. 1 The four 'V' shaped figures in the new bases point to the corners of the base.


Fig. 2 The 'V' shaped figures in old bases point to the sides of the base.


Fig. 3 Veins in the large leaves in new Adam lids do not touch or join a vertical vein in the center of the leaf. Veins on the large leaves in old lids do touch or join a vertical vein in the center of the leaf.

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