Toy, Child Sized Water Sets with CowboysBy

Toy, Child Sized Water Sets with Cowboys

A Midwest glass wholesaler sold two child-size glass water sets featuring Hopalong Cassidy and Tom Mix. The sets were cobalt blue glass with white enamel-like portraits and facsimile signatures. Pitchers are 4" tall; tumblers are 2"; 5 piece set was $18.

The glass pattern is Little Joe (Arched Panels) originally made by Westmoreland Glass. These particular sets are "fantasy" creations; that is to say no old counterparts ever existed. There are old child-size Little Joe glass water sets, but none that ever had these decorations.


Fig. 1 Tom Mix


Fig. 2 Close up inspection reveals coarse screen-like pattern in white decoration typical in modern reproductions. New Shirley Temple pieces are also made this way.


Fig. 3 Hopalong Cassidy