Searching for Antiques (27)

More New Pairpoint Puffy Shades

Four more shapes have been added to the line of new Pairpoint style Puffy reverse painted shades. Wholesale prices for the shades shown here ranged from $165 to $195; price includes new pot metal base. All the new shades have been handpainted in China.

New Swords Marked India become Civil War Relics Marked Indiana

Watch out for swords marked Indiana that resemble American Civil War-era swords.

Confederate Canteens

During the American Civil War, most Union troops were supplied with uniformly designed and manufactured metal canteens made in the Norths many factories.

Faked Tiffany lamp nearly fools experts

Anita and Bill Duff thought they had done a thorough job researching the Tiffany lamp they hoped to buy at auction. The numbers on the base and shade matched those shown in original Tiffany catalogs. The way the marks were stamped or embossed also appeared to be the same as photos of original marks in reference books on Tiffany.

Antiqued and Distressed Wooden Wares from China and India

The latest wave of antique look-a-likes rippling through the country is severely distressed and antiqued wooden wares. Many of these pieces include very conspicuous iron fasteners and hardware and often appear with company or brand names . Other pieces are painted in an American folk art style.

Whats the difference between Henry Bonnard and Henry-Bonnard About 100 years

It is important to separate the original Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co. from a 1990s business of a similar name Henry Bonnard Bronze, Inc .run by convicted art racketeer, Darrell Tyrone Coker.

Fake Tintypes are Back in Market

After an absence of several years, fake tintypes are being seen again in increasing numbers. Previously found primarily in flea markets and malls, the new generation of fakes has spread to the Internet. Subjects of the fakes are similar to before: Civil War soldiers, native Americans, and 19th century historical figures. One new category to the latest batch (reported Maine Antique Digest June 1998) is blacks with a black mammy with white children being the most frequently seen.

Copies of 19th Century Russian Posters

Reproductions of Russian 19th century advertising posters are now in the market. The full color posters are purportedly being printed in Moscow. The three known examples shown here are direct copies of turn-of-the-century originals. Paper stock is high quality coated stock with a linen-like three dimensional surface texture.

Confederate Civil War Canteen Replica

This new replica is a copy of a standard wood canteen used by Confederate troops during the American civil war. It is 7 in diameter. It is antiqued to appear old. This includes discolored linen straps and rusted metal bands. When the metal bands were attached to the canteen, however, new steel nails were used. This creates the illogical combination of shiny new nailheads on top of the rusty bands. If the nails and bands were subject to natural aging, both should look the same since they would have aged together. Even if the new nail heads do develop rust, it will probably not match the surface of the metal bands.

More Confusing Names Found on Other Instruments

This new ships clock was being made in India. However, it is marked SmithLondon. The obvious implication is that it was made in London, England by the firm of Smith.