Copies of 19th Century Russian PostersBy

Copies of 19th Century Russian Posters

Reproductions of Russian 19th century advertising posters are in the market. The full color posters are purportedly being printed in Moscow. The three known examples shown here are direct copies of turn-of-the-century originals. Paper stock is high quality coated stock with a linen-like three dimensional surface texture.

They feature from left to right above, beer from the Shavaloskiy brewery (23" x 11"), gun powder from the Russian Black Powder Company (23" x 13") and Geelzi tobacco (23" x 13"). These copies carry the original printing company names including dates (see arrow in Fig. 2).

Like almost all other modern color printing, these reproductions can be identified by the regular pattern of dots that form the images. The dot structure is easily seen with 10X magnification. Retail price was $13 each from a mail order catalog.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2