Searching for Glass (303)

Cut glass perfumes with colored overlays

What does $20 buy at the reproduction wholesaler? You could buy this set of four cut perfumes made in India with colored overlays. Bottles including stopper average about 5 tall. The bottles are made by pressing, not blowing. Overlays are thinly flashed in various colors on the outside. All stoppers are clear crystal cut with facets. Necks of bottles and bottoms of stoppers are very crudely ground with frosted, rough surfaces. All the stoppers in our sample group had lots of wiggle. The hand ground vintage stoppers and bottles fit together so closely they form an airtight seal.

New Murano Glass with Encased Figurines

Among the many sought after forms of vintage Venetian glass are pieces that feature three dimensional glass figures entirely encased in glass. Most of the encased shapes are small fish. The fish are found alone, grouped with other figures and grouped with other fish in underwater scenes. Fish alone or with another figures have no special name. Underwater scenes are generally referred to as aquarium pieces or aquarium blocks.

Iris beaded berry bowl

New Iris (Iris and Herringbone) is being found in the southeastern states. Reproductions of the beaded edge 4 berry bowl (shown here) and the 6 tumblers are confirmed in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

New Cut Glass Urns

New cut glass "liquor jars" and "apothecary show globes" have been made. The new pieces are available in several sizes. So far they are known in 14″, 20″ and 31″. They are available in pink, clear crystal or with various colored overlays including cobalt and electric blue.

Pitcher Versions of Westmoreland Steins

The so-called Lovers Stein also called Wedding Stein, and the similar Elf stein have been reproduced from the original Westmoreland Glass mold for a number of years. New pieces from the same mold are now being made with tooled spouts and sold as pitchers. No original pitchers in these patterns have ever been found.

Fenton Makes New Opalescent Castor Insert

Fenton Glass has recently made an opalescent swirl pickle castor insert. White opalescent swirls run counter clockwise in a clear glass body, 5 tall, 3 dia.

Admiral Dewey Pitcher Reproduced

Shown here (Fig. 1) is the reproduction Admiral Dewey water pitcher first reported in the December 1999 issue of ACRN. The original pitcher (Fig. 2) was issued to commemorate the Spanish American War naval battle of Manila Bay fought May 1, 1898. It was made by the Beatty-Brady Glass Company of Steubenville and Dunkirk, Indiana, ca. 1899-1900.

New kitchen storage jars

A new set of Depression-era styled glass storage jars has just been made. The overall shape is similar to original storage jars commonly referred to as left overs or refrigerator jars.

New Red Flashed Souvenir Toothpick Holders with Early Dates

A Midwestern glass wholesaler has just released a series of four souvenir pressed glass toothpick holders. All four pieces bear early dates ranging from 1904 (St. Louis Exposition) to 1939 (New York Worlds Fair).

New Glass from India - Jars, Bottles and Housewares

By far the greatest majority of reproductions are now being made in China and India. Both countries have literally millions of low wage workers and governments that impose practically no environmental regulations.