New kitchen storage jarsBy

New kitchen storage jars

A new set of Depression-era styled glass storage jars has been made. The overall shape is similar to original storage jars commonly referred to as "left overs" or "refrigerator jars".

Although the new pieces have the basic shape of originals, new pieces are not exact copies of any specific original. The closest matches are jars by Jeanette Glass and Hocking Glass. One of the new shapes that doesn't appear to have any similar old counterpart is the toothbrush holder (Fig. 7). Its shape appears to have been created solely to match the new jars.

While the bases of the original Jeanette and Hocking jars have the same vertical lines as the new jars, the old lids are quite different. The lid of the Jeanette jar named Floral has flowers molded into the lid. Lids to Hocking jars do not have any handles (see catalog pages below). Virtually all old large jars have a single one-piece lid. The larger of the new jars has two separate lids.

The color of the new set is transparent pale green, almost aqua, very similar to the color of glass canning jars. No original jar in this color was found. Colors of the closest original shape matches by Jeanette and Hocking are a much deeper transparent green.

Prices for original jars are about $45-$75 for the Jeanette Floral boxes; $20-$45 for the Hocking jars. Retail prices for the new pieces were $18 for the double size jar; $12 for the smaller jar; $12 for the toothbrush holder. Two other new pieces made but not shown are a soap dish and small tumbler.


Fig. 1 New jars can be stacked just like original refrigerator storage jars. Interchangeable glass lids fit both sizes of bases.


Fig. 2 New 4″ square, 3¼ tall covered jar.


Fig. 3 Close up details of new lids for jars, left, and toothbrush holder, right.


Fig. 4 Catalog photo of Jeanette's Floral.


Fig. 5 Hocking jar, no handle in lid.


Fig. 6 Another style of storage jars made by Hocking. No handles in lids.


Fig. 7 New toothbrush holder. Removable lid has four holes, 3″ square, 5″ tall. No old counterpart known.


Fig. 8 New double sized jar, 8″ × 4″ × 3¼″. Almost all original jars this size have a single large lid, not two separate lids.

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