Confusing ChickensBy

Confusing Chickens

L.E. Smith reissued a covered hen clear glass egg server. Originally the clear was documented but other colors may have been produced. ACRN bought the sample shown here for $38. The first version was issued in the mid to late 1950s. Original colors are unknown.

Smith's new clear egg server is similar to opaque pieces originally made by Fenton between 1953-1956 and then again as a limited edition in 1996-1997. Fenton made the same pieces in opaque colors for Martha Stewart's mail order and on-line catalogs.

The 1950s Fenton pieces are unmarked; all later Fenton production, including the Stewart pieces, are marked in the mold with Fenton's trademark. The Smith piece was unmarked. It is unknown whether earlier Smith versions are marked or unmarked.


Fig. 1 L.E. Smith covered hen egg server. Base is 12" long, about 4¾ to top of chickens head. Spaces for 12 eggs. No mark.


Fig. 2 Top view of Smith egg server base. This base is egg shaped as viewed from above with one end wider than the other.


Fig. 3 A chick peeks out from under the hen's wing on both sides of the Smith chicken cover.


Fig. 4 Similar new covered chicken egg server made by Fenton. Originally made in 1953-1956 in white milk glass sometimes with colored glass heads. Now reproduced by Fenton in Jadite (pale opaque green) for sale through Martha Stewart catalogs. Original 1950s Fenton pieces are unmarked and sell for $275-$350+. Martha Stewart reproductions were $98.

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