Blue Milk Glass from Martha StewartBy

Blue Milk Glass from Martha Stewart

Many glass items that were offered by Martha Stewart's mail order catalog and web site were available in blue milk glass. A number of the new blue glass pieces are very similar in shape to antique pieces and new pieces might be confused with vintage items.

A new large fish platter, for example, is a virtual copy of an antique milk glass fish platter made by Atterbury Company in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. There are several details which separate new from old.

First, the new platter is a mirror image, or reversed, from the original. The head on the new piece is on the right; the head on the original is on the left. Original trays have an embossed patent date of JUNE 4, 1872. New trays do not have the patent date. Original platters were only made in white milk glass. The new platter appears only in blue milk glass, although other colors are possible in the future. The new 14″ fish platter retailed for $34. Atterbury originals can sell for $150+.


Fig. 1 All these pieces are available in blue milk glass. From top to bottom: fish platter, 14″ x 11″; fish covered dish 8″ x 5″ from L.G. Wright mold; fish dish 3¼″. The covered dish and small dish are also available in opaque green and opaque pink.


Fig. 2 Fish platter as shown in Atterbury Company catalog of 1881. This old fish platter is slightly under 14″ wide by nearly 11″ across which makes it almost exactly the same size as the new version. Note that the old platter faces to the left; the new platter faces to the right.

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