Searching for Glass (303)

Cherry Blossom Depression Glass

Cherry Blossom is one of the most popular depression glass patterns. It was made by the Jeannette Glass Company ca. 1930-1939 and commonly produced in pink, green, Delphite (opaque blue) and clear. Red, yellow, Jadite (opaque green) and translucent green were also made.

New Princess Pattern Glass Candy Jar

New Princess pattern candy jars have bee reproduced since the mid 1990s. New jars are available in pink and blue and possibly other colors. Wholesale prices have averaged about $8.50 each over the years. New and old are shown side by side in Fig. 1 below.

Basketweave and Medallion Kerosene Lamps

Basketweave and Medallion is one of the most complex Victorian pressed glass patterns. The only known shapes are two lamps: the pedestal, or stand, lamp and a footed hand lamp. A reproduction of the 10 1/2 stand lamp has just been released. The new lamps are available in crystal clear, green, cobalt blue, white milk glass, and transparent pink.

Mary Gregory Glass: 19451990s

The end of WW I brought numerous changes to the Czech glass houses, but the during the period after WW II they were completly reorganized.

Handel Parrot Shade - Copied in Four Sizes

More reproductions of Handels parrot reverse painted lamp shades are coming into the market. The new shades are being made in four sizes: 16, 14, 12 and 8inch diameters. New shades are handpainted in China and sell for $18 to $80 depending on size.

Galle Reproductions Liquidated

During the last weeks of December 2004, Rosso Wholesale Glass liquidated a large group of reproduction cameo glass marked Galle.

Milk Glass Hen with Egg Platter Reissued

L.E. Smith has reissued a classic shape in milk glass that was first introduced in the 1950s. The large 12-inch piece has a covered chicken in the center of a platter with scallops for 12 eggs. Smith reissued the same piece in clear glass in 2000 (see ACRN July 2000).

New Cameo Glass in Old Designs

Cameo glass reproductions have taken another step towards becoming more like vintage originals. While copies of old signatures and marks have been used for years now, this batch of reproductions has duplicated old patterns and tries to imitate specific decorative techniques found on original French cameo glass. Mold-blown, Galle, blown-out, hammering, Tip, T-I-P, French, Daum, Pierre, Art Nouveau, Pontil

Confusing Measuring Cup with Reamer in Blue Glass

A one-cup measuring cup with a reamer top has been reproduced in opaque blue glass commonly referred to as Delphite by collectors.