Confusing Measuring Cup with Reamer in Blue GlassBy

Confusing Measuring Cup with Reamer in Blue Glass

A one-cup measure with a reamer top has been reproduced in opaque blue glass commonly referred to as Delphite by collectors.

The new measuring cup itself is made from an old mold originally used by Gillespie. The only original top sold with the original cup was a measuring-style lid shown in Fig. 2. The reamer top is a new fantasy creation never offered with original cups.

This cup and reamer lid has been extensively reproduced in a variety of colors including opaque green and jadite. New cups with lids generally wholesale for under $10 each.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2 The only original lid sold with the one-cup Gillesipie is shown above. It is a measuring-style lid with molded rings on the inside of the lid. No reamer lids were ever sold with original cups. Please note that old measuring-style lids are also being reproduced.