Milk Glass Hen with Egg Platter ReissuedBy

Milk Glass Hen with Egg Platter Reissued

L.E. Smith reproduced a classic shape in milk glass that was first introduced in the 1950s. The large 12-inch piece has a covered chicken in the center of a platter with scallops for 12 eggs. Smith reissued the same piece in clear glass in 2000.

Smith introduced this shape in the mid-1950s but original colors are unknown. Fenton made a similar shape in 1953-1956 which was also put back in production. No Smith versions are marked. Only recently made Fenton pieces are marked, early pieces are not marked.

The Smith product can be separated from the Fenton piece by two features. The Smith tray, as viewed from above, is oval or egg-shaped. A chick is under the hen's wing in the Smith piece.


Fig. 1 Oval or egg-shaped Smith tray.


Fig. 2 A chick is under the wing of the L.E. Smith hen cover on the egg plate. This example is clear glass which Smith made in 2000.