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Look-alike Vase Copies Deco Lamp by Tiffin U.S. Glass

A new glass vase is virtually identical to a 1920s Art Deco lamp base by U.S. Glass made at Tiffin, Ohio. The original lamp, shown in Fig. 2, currently sells for $300-$400. The new copy, Fig. 1, is currently retailing for $40 in a mail order catalog.

When Glass Marked Lalique is not Lalique

Molinard is a French perfume company which has used a number of bottles designed by Ren Lalique and made of Lalique glass. In Lalique Perfume Bottles, authors Mary Lou and Glen Utt document five Lalique designs used by Molinard: Le Baiser du Faune, Calendal, Madrigal, Les les dOr and Cariatides. Cariatides was discontinued around 1940; the others were made up through the early-1950s.

New jars with advertising

Its illegal for anyone but the owners or their licensees to use United States patent numbers, phrases related to patent registration or phrases related to United States trademark registration.

Large Vase from Original Czech Mold

This new 9-inch vase was reproduced from original ca. 1930 molds of Henry G. Schlevogt, a noted Czech glass designer and manufacturer.

Classic Venetian Goblet Copied

This 9-inch goblet with a figural stem is an almost identical copy of vintage pieces. The figural swan and knobs on the stem are gold flecked clear crystal; the base and bowl are deep ruby.

Schneider forgery

Heres an example of a forged Schneider mark on a piece of modern studio glass. This mark has been applied with a crude diamond tip pencil. Pressing this tip against the glass creates the mark by actually chipping very small flakes off the glass surface. Look at the mark under a 10X loupe and youll see a very ragged-edged line frequently interrupted by skips and gaps.

Fishy Fish Bowl

This blown glass fish-shaped bowl-vase is similar to a number of vintage collectible pieces. Blenko in America and various Italian makers all made similar pieces dating back to the middle of the 20th century.

Reproduction wholesalers buy molds of LG Wright Glass

Two reproduction wholesalers, AA Importing, St. Louis, Missouri and Castle Antiques and Reproductions, Hawley, Pennsylvania were prominent buyers of L.G. Wright Glass Company molds auctioned May 27, 1999.

Art Glass - A Closer Look at Burmese Feet

In recent ACRN articles about Burmese art glass, narrow ribbing on feet and handles was listed as a clue to modern reproductions. Although some original Mt. Washington pieces did have very broadly spaced ridges, tightly spaced narrow ribbing is almost always a sign of a reproduction.

Warehouse lot of Cambridge Glass Reissues Sold Off

Mirror Images (MI), a Michigan based gift ware business, recently liquidated its remaining stock of two figural Cambridge Glass reissues. The two figures were the 8 1/2" Draped Lady flower holder and the 6 1/2" Bashful Charlotte flower holder. A combined total of 650 pieces were sold through a Midwestern glass distributor between April and May, 1995.