Schneider forgeryBy

Schneider forgery

Here's an example of a forged Schneider mark on a piece of modern studio glass. This mark has been applied with a crude diamond tip pencil. Pressing this tip against the glass creates the mark by actually chipping very small flakes off the glass surface. Look at the mark under a 10X loupe and you'll see a very ragged-edged line frequently interrupted by skips and gaps.

Although diamond tip pencils were used to mark some authentic Schneider, the authentic marks are totally unlike this forged example. Authentic diamond tipped marks are nearly always smooth flowing nearly continuous lines.

This vase is not like anything Schneider ever made. Virtually all authentic glass with authentic Schneider marks have ground pontils. This piece does not.


Fig. 1 Modern studio vase to which the mark is applied.


Fig. 2 Forged mark.