Look-alike Vase Copies Deco Lamp by Tiffin U.S. GlassBy

Look-Alike Vase Copies Deco Lamp by Tiffin U.S. Glass

A new glass vase is virtually identical to a 1920s Art Deco lamp base by U.S. Glass made at Tiffin, Ohio. The original lamp, shown in Fig. 2, sells for $300-$400. The new copy, Fig. 1, retailed for $40 in a mail order catalog.

The original lamp is listed in U.S. Glass catalog #16265. Bases and tops of originals were black glass in either shiny or satin finish. Bodies of original lamps were satin finished and available in only rose-pink, green or crystal. The female Deco dancer is molded in relief above the surface and repeats on each of four sides. Corners are mitered. Total height of the lamp with base and top is just under 14".

The original lamp is included in a Crockery and Glass Journal advertisement from 1927 reproduced in Tiffin Glass 1914-1940 by Leslie Piña and Jerry Gallagher published by Schiffer.

The new piece is transparent cobalt blue in a shiny finish. It also repeats the figure four times and has the same mitered corners. Height is 8 3/4". Although the new piece is not sold as a lamp and does not have a factory made opening for electrical fittings, it could easily be altered with glass or metal parts and made into a lamp. It could appear with genuinely old parts from some other factory or with brand new parts. It could then possibly be offered as a "rare" color.

Regardless of whether you find the new piece separately or made into a lamp, there is a relatively easy way to tell new from old. Look at the highest point of the dancer's hand in relation to the top rim. In the reproduction, the hand and wrist are almost touching the top rim, within about one-eighth of an inch. In the original, there is a wide smooth space between the hand and the top of the rim.

The same firm marketing the new pieces also makes a variety of other Deco related items. These include chrome airplane desk lamps with cobalt glass inserts and a variety of other Deco styled lighting.

Tiffin Glass, located in Tiffin, Ohio, was made from 1889-1980. In 1892 it became part of United States Glass Company, designated as Factory R.


Fig. 1


Fig. 2 Black glass top and base; frosted crystal body. Photo courtesy of Leslie Piña and Schiffer Publishing, Tiffin Glass 1914-1940, © 1996.