When Glass Marked Lalique is not LaliqueBy

When Glass Marked Lalique is not Lalique

Molinard is a French perfume company which has used a number of bottles designed by Rene Lalique and made of Lalique glass. In Lalique Perfume Bottles, authors Mary Lou and Glen Utt document five Lalique designs used by Molinard: Le Baiser du Faune, Calendal, Madrigal, Les Îles d'Or and Cariatides. Cariatides was discontinued around 1940; the others were made up through the early-1950s.

One of these vintage designs Les Îles d'Or created in 1929 and featuring a band of kneeling nudes – was used again in 1980 under the name Molinard de Molinard.

Collectors are often confused by the Molinard de Molinard bottle because it is marked in molded letters "Creation Lalique." Collectors often believe they are purchasing a Lalique glass perfume bottle. Although the original design is indeed by Rene Lalique, Molinard de Molinard bottles marked "Creation Lalique" are NOT Lalique glass, but made by another glass company, Henri Pochet.

Molinard de Molinard bottles are found in two forms; the 2½-inch sample size shown in Fig. 1 and the full-size perfume about 4½ inches tall. Both sizes of the Molinard de Molinard bottles are marked "Creation Lalique" in molded letters on the base. Authentic Les Îles d'Or bottles made by Lalique are signed in engraved script. Pre-WWII examples are signed "R. Lalique;" post-war examples are signed "Lalique" without the "R."

The original Les Îles d'Or Lalique bottle is fitted with a ground glass stopper (bouchon emeri). Matching numbers are generally found on the stopper and its mating bottle. The Molinard de Molinard full-sized perfume also has a glass stopper, but it has a horizontal plastic band on the stopper which is a quick, easy way to make an air tight seal. The modern sample bottle has a gold plastic screw cap.

Molinard de Molinard bottles do have collectible value, but should not be confused with original Lalique glass.


Fig 1.
Helen Farnsworth Collection/Farnsworth Photo


Fig 2.The sample-sized Molinard de Molinard bottle introduced in 1980 is shown in Fig. 1. This bottle copies a 1929 Rene Lalique design for Molinard originally called Les Îles d'Or and made of Lalique glass. The base of the Molinard de Molinard bottle is marked "HP Molinard, Creation Lalique" in molded lettering as shown in Fig. 2. The initials HP represent Henri Pochet which is the glass company that made this bottle