Large Vase from Original Czech MoldBy

Large Vase from Original Czech Mold

This new 9-inch vase was reproduced from original ca. 1930 molds of Henry G. Schlevogt, a noted Czech glass designer and manufacturer.

The piece was made in clear crystal in the Czech Republic and imported into the United States by a distributor located in Decatur, Georgia. The vase was manufactured in the Czech Republic by Ornela Co, Ltd and sold under the trade name Desna. Many, but not all, Desna pieces are marked.

In company literature, Ornela claims to own several hundred original ca. 1920-1940 molds from the Czech factories of Schlevogt and Heinrich Hoffman. The molds have been put back in production on a rotating staggered basis. Among the first pieces made from the original molds were perfumes with elaborate figural stoppers.


Fig. 1 New 9-inch clear crystal glass vase with a large band of nudes with a frosted surface. Made in the original ca. 1930s Curt Schlevogt mold.


Fig. 2 Acid etched mark of Desna. This mark appears on many, but not all, of the pieces Desna makes in the original Hoffman and Schlevogt molds.