Searching for Collectibles (401)

1950-60s Space Theme Marble Game

This new marble game looks like its straight from a baby boomers toy box. Look closely and youll see that the featured attractions are space toys actually sold in the 1950s-60s.

New bell toys made of wood

There are several new bell toys that resemble vintage litho paper over wood originals from the late 1920s-1950s era. The new pieces have painted wood wheels, wooden bodies covered by paper and bells that ring when the toys are pulled.

New Lunch Boxes Arrive

Copies of 1950s classic metal lunch box are being reproduced. The new boxes are copies of some of the most desirable and expensive originals. The three boxes shown here, though, don't seem to pose a serious problem.

Vintage Look Halloween Lanterns

The lanterns show here are made of brightly colored cardboard. Eyes, mouths and other details are die-cut with tissue paper backing. A battery powered light shines through the die-cuts.

Recent Fakes and Reproductions of Collectible Brand Names

What's in a name? If it's the right name, big bucks. Perfectly ordinary tools, kitchenwares, and common household items that wouldn't normally raise an eyebrow can skyrocket blood pressures when marked "Griswold", "Winchester", "Keen Kutter", or "Old Sleepy Eye".

Breyer horse and rider copied

Original molds were used to reissue a classic duo from Breyer's Horse and Rider series originally made during the 1950's.

Yes... bulldog humidor is new

ACRN has received over a dozen letters about this 8″ × 6″ ceramic bulldog humidor.

New tin toys with old Lehmann mark

Marks of genuine factories and companies have appeared on reproductions of china, pottery and reproductions for some years. Now the mark of one of the most famous makers of tin toys, Lehmann, is being found on reproductions and knockoffs. The new toys on which the marks appear are also copied from specific Lehmann originals.

Look at mark on new Disney toys

A new group of Disney character toys designed to look like vintage 1930s toys is currently being imported from China.

New robot push toy in painted wood

This 6 robot push toy has just appeared in the market. The base and segmented body are painted wood. Body parts are connected with elastic cords. Pressing a plunger on the bottom of the base causes the cords to loosen and the body tilt in the direction the plunger is pushed. The red and white paint on this example fluoresced brightly under long wave black light. To ACRNs knowledge, no old examples like this were ever made.