Sleepy Eye SteinBy

Sleepy Eye Stein

Stoneware and pottery premiums of the Sleepy Eye Milling Company, which feature the Indian chief Old Sleepy Eye, are much sought after. Among the most difficult original items to find is a 7¾″ stein.

The reproduction stein below was apparently made from a mold taken from one of the originals. It is virtually identical in appearance to an original only ½″ shorter. Handles on originals were made separately and applied to the body. The new piece was slip cast as one piece which leaves holes where the handle joins the body.


Fig. 1 (New) Yellow glaze; light weight china; 7 ¼″ high


Fig. 2 (Old) Yellow & dark brown decoration; pottery; 7 ¾″ high.


Fig. 3 (New) Holes where handles meet the body of the new stein.